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The Support You Need for the Support You Give.

Introducing TeleWell, the groundbreaking mobile therapy app that leaves client recruiting, billing, and administrative burdens behind. In just a few easy steps, we'll capture your Provider information and connect you with clients in search of your expertise. Flexible scheduling with quick and easy payouts are just the beginning. Click Quick Apply below to get started today.

  • How is therapy delivered on the TeleWell Provider app?
    TeleWell supports video and chat therapy services. As a provider you can connect with a client through our fully integrated video platform or chat with clients in-between sessions to stay up to date on their progress.
  • How do clients get matched with my Provider profile?
    Clients will get matched with your provider profile based on your state(s) of licensure, unique specializations, and any specific accomadations that the client may have that matches with your profile.
  • How much will I get paid? How will I get paid and how often?
    After being connected with the TeleWell payment gateway, TeleWell Provider's will be paid $55/session and be paid out on a weekly basis.
  • What credentials do I need to get approved on the TeleWell Provider platform?
    To be approved on the TeleWell Provider app you will need to hold a valid license in a U.S. state. During the application process you will have to provide a photo of your license, as well as an FBI background check and proof of liability insurance.
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